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About Us

Beren Toys, believing that in 2018 40 years of experience in the toy industry, "Beren Wooden Toys" with the aim to be the leading brand in its sector in Turkey; It has started to produce wooden toys in 5.000 m² closed area.


Beren Toys, wooden toys; produces quality, healthy and reliable toys for our children. Wood products are completely domestic production. From the raw material, the entire process until the R & D and labor is being prepared in Turkey.


Our company offers products that contribute to the mental development of children and constantly renew themselves based on the opinions of expert teachers and academicians while developing wooden toy products.


Beren Toy certifies the reliability and health of wooden toys with its certificates. All wood paints; water based, organic and EN 71-3 standards. Wooden toys have no harm to children's health.


Wooden toys contribute greatly to the development of children. It strengthens the bonding of wooden toys, which also contribute to children's crafts and imagination, with the child's toy.

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